exposure with no risk

Promote your brand on our fast-growing marketplace without any upfront costs

What's tree3?

A direct-to-consumer eCommerce platform servicing the peer-to-peer marketplace

How it Works

Enable tree3's thousands of store owners to sell your products to their online users and followers


Expand your customer base, identify new markets, access real-time data, boost sales


None... No cost to join, commission due only on sale, exit any time


Realize the power, scalability and higher margin of peer-to-peer networking. Broadcast your products in the massive social media space where followers and shoppers are one and the same.

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tree3’s unique marketplace

Our thousands (and growing!) of store owners design their own online stores, browse our catalog to select  brands and products they want to sell, and market to friends, followers and customers.

risk-free opportunity

No fees to join. You agree to pay commission only when product is sold, the rate you pay is up to you, and you can change at any time. And, commissions are owed only after your product return period.

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effortless brand building

Signing up takes minutes. Then simply set a commission rate and let tree3’s thousands of store owners advertise your products to their loyal users, friends and followers.

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stand out
with targeted marketing

Use tree3 to post targeted promotional campaigns. Limit discounts and offers by amount, volume, or date.

the power of data

Real-time data tracking and reporting is free to our brand partners. Track consumer interest in your brand across the entire tree3 platform, and gain insights on consumer shopping habits and trends in your market category. 

thousands of brands & retailers

tree3 offers sellers a risk-free opportunity to promote their merchandise to a rapidly-expanding e-marketplace