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“The online marketplace is something I’ve always been interested in but never knew where to start. tree3 made it incredibly easy for me to not only set up a shop, but have access to all of the brands I would want to buy from for my store without the hassle of the traditional buying system.

tree3 allowed me to become an online retailer overnight with a curated selection of my favorite brands and products that I’ll now be able to recommend to my followers in one place. I highly recommend tree3 for anyone looking to create a website and earn money in the process.”
Shelby Eastman Influencer
Shelby Eastman

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Buyers on your store can purchase multiple products with one click without being redirected to third-party sites. 

showcase your brand

Design your store to match your aesthetic, curate to feature only those brands and products you want. Exhibit your favorite trends and products in your own style. Update product collections, add photos, change colors… any time, whenever.

offer your followers a unique shopping experience

Design your store to match your aesthetic, feature only those brands and products you want to sell.

stay on trend

Track sales by product in real-time. Redesign any time to stay on trend and boost sales. 

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