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We might be a revolutionary tech company, but we still believe in the old school ways of personal education. Join our Chief Creative Officer Tuesdays at 4 pm cst for our Tree House Hangs. Have your questions answered, learn tips & tricks to conversion success and so much more fun! Hope to see you there.

Tuesdays at 4pm CST

Storefront Tutorials

TUTORIAL VIDEO 1: In’s & Out’s of Dashboard
TUTORIAL VIDEO 2: Settings Tool
TUTORIAL VIDEO 3: Retailer Selection
TUTORIAL VIDEO 4: Individually Curated Collection
TUTORIAL VIDEO 5: Search Set Collection
TUTORIAL VIDEO 6: Update Collections
TUTORIAL VIDEO 7: Optimize Search Feature
TUTORIAL VIDEO 8: Media Gallery Images
TUTORIAL VIDEO 9: Build and Manage Menu Bar
TUTORIAL VIDEO 10: Storefront Customization
TUTORIAL VIDEO 11: Storefront Data
TUTORIAL VIDEO 12: Storefront Logs and Collaborations

Tree House Hangs Recordings

Update your store
with NEW retailers || 04/11/2023